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Approved by the UK Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) for human drinking water.

About XZIOX®

Effective bactericide, fungicide, viricide and algaecide

‘XZIOX® is one of the most advanced and environmentally friendly disinfection solutions available in the world today. Unlike other competing products, XZIOX® is a highly stable and pure chlorine dioxide solution with no harmful by-products. 

XZIOX® is highly effective against all bacteria and biofilm within drinking water systems. It is patented and has approvals worldwide including NSF Approvals as a safe solution for treatment of water and by the DWI (reg.31)  for levels of human consumption.

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XZIOX® is proven to be the most effective animal drinking water solution. It eliminates biofilm and bacteria within the drinking lines such as E. coli, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Enterococci, Coliforms and reduces TVC's. Unlike other disinfectants XZIOX® does not cause corrosion. 


XZIOX® solutions are 50% more effective for washing produce than free chlorine. It will not leave any residue or create any harmful by-products so final rinse is unnecessary assisting in extension of shelf life. It is also approved to be used in organic wash process.

Food Processing

XZIOX® is highly effective in eliminating all stages of biofilm and perform huge reduction in blocked drippers and overhead sprinklers. With no adverse effect to the crop. Can be used with all feeds and nutrients.  

Crop Management

XZIOX® is the only product of its type that is approved by the DWI for human consumption. It eliminates bacteria from the water source and can deal with stagnant water in dead legs. It is also highly effective against biofilms and other organic contaminations as well as preventing corrosion to equipment, pipework, and filters and reduces mineral issues such as Iron and manganese.

Drinking Water

For many sectors

5-Star Overall Safety Rating





Front Seat


Rear Seat



Water Treatment Systems

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XZIOX® is dosed straight into your water lines by one of our highly advanced dosing systems. Our systems are bespoke and carefully designed according to your application and systems. The IWS equipment can deal with low flow as well as high flow applications with the same accuracy and efficiency.

DT/SDS Systems

Advanced accurate dosing technology with minimum footprint. Our DT and SDS systems are specifically designed with IWS software for precise and proportionate chemical dosing regardless of how low the flow maybe.

ALS Systems

Intelligent XZIOX dosing systems ideal for high water volumes and closed loop systems. Its unique software and smart technology allow it maintain consistent dosing through pressure of up to 600 meter cubed per hour.

RS 20 Systems

Designed to make life easier giving you control and auditable data. RS20 is specifically designed to give full monitoring and control to the user over their water and chemical usage controlled from any smart device. Ideal for compliance and audits.

Legionella pneumophila

Salmonella / Listeria

E. coli






​→ Viruses (incl. Hepatitis A (HAV), Methanogens)





Giardia Cysts




Planktonic & Sessile organisms

Proven to kill bacteria but not restricted to:

Eliminates all bacterial loading

Reduces Iron & Manganese

Reduces the need for other treatments


Non-corrosive to water lines and fittings

Not pH dependent

Neutralises odour

No by-products

Highly stable

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