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IWS have designed dosing systems to ensure exact dosing of chemical to ensure accuracy and high performance.

We understand that every site is unique, and deserves a bespoke yet simple to use solution for maximum performance.

All our water treatment systems are completely calibrated. Our pumps can treat up to 10 bar pressure which is perfect for high pressure applications. All our systems are easy to control and extremely reliable for your peace of mind. They only require a single-phase power supply.

Our solutions are installed by trained and qualified engineers throughout the UK. All our customers benefit from a service package that includes, regular water testing, replacement of parts, servicing, and scheduled system adjustment visits.

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Easy to control & reliable.

Precise dosing for low flow

Requires a single-phase power supply

LED Display for easy monitoring

Benefits of DT/SDS systems:

DT System
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The DT tank is a self-contained dosing system that allows dosing of a 100, 200 and 500 litre drum directly from a neat drum. The systems are set up, so the water meter sends a signal to the XZIOX® smart pump informing of water flow. The pump will dose according to the set ppm required proportionate to flow. The suction lances draw the correct amount of solution and administer via the injection point.

SDS System
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The system has a minimum footprint compared to other tank dosing systems. The pumps have our unique software making it very user-friendly. It is specifically designed to dose accurately and frequently proportionate to water flow. Regardless of how low the flow of water may be, the system will ensure that all the water will be treated evenly and at the correct ppm. The systems have several safety and alarm features as well as a clear digital display giving the user accurate information.

Auditable – stores usage figures

Can treat high pressured water up to 350m3/hr

Can be connected to SMS alarm system, 3 stage password protection & low-level alarm

Can be used in conjunction with pH control

Benefits of ALS system:

ALS System
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The ALS units are being used to treat various water sources. This includes river, reservoir, holding tanks and recycled water. Two pumps with our unique software draw from chemical precursors and are precisely mixed within the protected hardened chamber to create a ClO2 reaction on demand. This avoids the need to store large volumes of active chemical on site and with accurate flow signal from the water meter, the ALS system will save you chemical usage by dosing only the required and precise amount of solution needed. It has many safety and fail-safe features together with calibration capabilities and it even notifies you when you are running out of chemical.

The system can be built in units that are portable for those applications that require more mobility.

Advanced monitoring and control system.

Designed to make your life easier giving you control and auditable data.

Connected to SMS alarm system. 3 stage password protection & low-level alarms

Can be used in conjunction with pH control

Benefits of RS20 system:

RS20 System
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In the current climate of heightened biosecurity, it crucial, where possible, to avoid potential site attendances to help reduce the risk of cross contamination. The RS20 enables the user to keep control of chemical usage and monitor temperature and water consumption, EC, pH and chemical residuals. It can also be monitored and controlled from any smart device, so you don’t have to be on site giving you complete flexibility and peace of mind. Our customers find it beneficial to record the information which is ideal for audits and analysing data. A simple addition to your existing IWS dosing system.

The ALS system is very versatile and is being used for high water volume applications dealing with water flow up to 350 m3 per hour.

DT/SDS systems have a minimum footprint compared to other tank dosing systems.

The RS20 system was specifically designed to give full monitoring and control to the user over their water and chemical usage.

First-class service with IWS

An experienced team with poultry knowledge

Water sampling and system adjustments as part of our farm visits

Full replacement parts and servicing of system

No call out charges

 (T&Cs apply)

Dedicated regional account managers

UK coverage

Benefits of IWS Service:

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We have a qualified and experienced team of Account Managers and Engineers providing nationwide coverage.


All our customers benefit from a first-class service package that includes, regular water testing, replacement of parts, regular servicing, and scheduled system adjustment visits.

Together we make a difference

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