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XZIOX®’s is the only effective DWI approved chlorine dioxide solution.

Working in partnership with our customers to add value through effective disinfection solutions.

Being a UK manufacturer gives us control over our supply chain ensuring global economic impact is kept to a minimum.

Clients can be assured of the highest level of professionalism, regardless of their size, every customer is important to us.

Investing heavily in R&D, developing bespoke and unique equipment to give the highest performance.  

Unique bespoke smart systems allowing flexibility, auditability, time management. Enabling staff to be more productive.

We understand that a high level of service is key to building trust and confidence.

Our dedicated team has decades of experience and a wealth of expertise to assist our clients.

Understanding bacteria, viruses and biofilm within various facilities has enabled us to develop unique solutions that reduce down-time, man hours, increase performance, and deliver overall increased productivity. By having a close working relationship with our customers, we can deliver the right solution for their needs and always ensuring that we continue to add value to their business.

Effective Solutions

We appreciate that business currently face huge financial challenges, so we have designed bespoke solutions to increase performance, save cost, reduce labour hours, and give an overall financial benefit together with efficiency. That’s just the IWS way.

Bespoke Solutions
We deliver the latest advances in disinfection technology to our customers. 

We are a British manufacturer providing solutions globally through our network of partners and distributors worldwide. This enables us to recognize the demands faced by industries today which can be challenging. Therefore, it is imperative that we deliver the latest advances in disinfection technology to our customers. 

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Safe to use, safe for the environment, highly effective...

Together we make a difference

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