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IWS systems lead to an increase in productivity and a reduction in overall cost.

Reduction in blocked drippers and overhead sprinklers

Removes and prevents algae from water systems

Reduction in root-borne diseases

Biofilm-free irrigation lines

Reduction Phytophthora & Pythium from the river to end of line

Improved filtration, from installing the backwash filter

No harmful by-products

Non-corrosive to all equipment, pipe work and filters

XZIOX® is the only solution available that can eliminate all stages of biofilm effectively without corrosion leaving irrigation lines free of bacteria and without blockages it also eradicates pythium and other bacteria from the water source. With our unique bespoke dosing equipment, we can deliver accurate dosing even in high water pressure applications. Growers have found that installing the IWS System has led to a huge reduction in blocked drippers and overhead sprinklers. Our systems can also be supplied with complete remote online monitoring constantly logging temperature, pH levels, XZIOX® Residual and system data to give site complete auditability. Our vast team of experienced and qualified irrigation engineers are spread throughout the country and ensure that IWS provide a comprehensive first-class service.

Water Treatment
XZIOX® is the only product available that can eliminate all stages of biofilm

Whilst understanding the potential of the irrigation and crop protection sector, it is important to understand any potential exogenous impacts on this industry. Outdoor & Greenhouse Irrigation Systems are a way to grow crops or plants within a greenhouse and by using various techniques.

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Benefits of water treatment

No residual by-products on or in the plant tissue

Plant pathogens do not become resistant

Compatible with existing spray plans

Can be used with existing chemically-based plant protection products

Eliminates all water and airborne pathogens during spraying

No harvest interval required

The primary function of BIO-MAX® is bacterial, viruses and fungal control within the water source along with keeping the spray tank free from bacteria and blocked nozzles. BIOMAX is an eco-friendly product used in the fruit and vegetable industries. It helps to protect against diseases such as Downy Mildew, Phytophthora, Botrytis, Scab, Canker and many others by eradicating bacteria within the water source and improves the performance of existing pesticides, fungicides.

Crop Protection by Spraying
Spraying applications
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BIO-MAX is assisting in effective crop protection on a variety of crops including vineyards, top fruit, soft fruit, salad crops, root vegetables and others. It is simple to use and works in conjunction with other fungicides by adding to the spray applications whether knap sacks or orchard spraying and is not required to be listed on the spray programme sheet.

Conventional fungal spray programs use several chemicals with different modes of action to prevent the build-up of resistant fungal strains not killed by each chemical. When BIO-MAX® is being used as an adjuvant in existing spray plans, customers may minimise their existing treatments and save costs.

Benefits of BIO-MAX spraying:

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