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BIO-MAX is effective against all forms of bacteria which in turn can help with fungal pathogens.

Crop Management
BIO-MAX is very effective in protecting a variety of crops including top fruit, soft fruit, salad crops, root vegetables, vineyards
Effective bactericide, fungicide, viricide and algaecide

BIO-MAX is a water treatment product used to help improve the performance of existing fungicides in the fruit and vegetable industries by keeping water sources free of bacteria allowing preventative products to work better along with keeping the spray tank free from contamination.

BIO-MAX forms a stable high purity solution in spray water which helps to improve crop protection against diseases such as Downy Mildew, Phytophthora, Botrytis, Scab, Canker, and many others via effective water treatment. Therefore, the performance of existing pesticides & fungicides already being used, is drastically improved. Conventional fungal spray programs use several chemicals with different modes of action to prevent the build-up of resistant fungal strains not killed by each chemical. Pathogens cannot build resistance against BIO-MAX.


BIO-MAX forms a stabilised high purity solution at 0.35% (3500 ppm) in spray water and is effective, against all forms of bacteria which in turn can help with fungal pathogens.

 It helps to improve eco-friendly protection against diseases such as:

​→ Downy Mildew








BIO-MAX reduces and eliminates harmful pathogens.

No harvest interval

promote shelf life

No residual by-products
Plant pathogens do not become resistant
Compatible with existing sprays

BIO-MAX eliminates all the bacteria and viruses & is safe for operators to use.

“For me, the use of BIO-MAX as a water conditioner is an important part of our Botrytis control Programme. I would highly recommend IWS and BIO-MAX”

Dale Symons – Clayhill Vineyard

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