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XZIOX® targets bacteria, mineral content such as iron and manganese, and biofilm within pipe work.

Good quality clean water distributed to local towns and households

Eliminates and prevents reoccurrence of all biofilm

Non-corrosive to all equipment, pipe work and filters

Neutralises odour

As experts within the water treatment industry, We have developed XZIOX® - a solution that offers effective water treatment to ensure the highest quality clean water is distributed to local towns and household

Water Treatment

Our systems are designed with our customers to ensure their needs are met. This enables us to deliver a system that is fit for purpose from the start saving costs in the future. Due to the flexibility of the design, the systems can treat high volume consumption with heavy contamination issues.

Systems Bespoke Designed for Every Water Flow
We developed XZIOX®, a solution that helps deliver safe drinking water.

IWS provide bespoke solutions for all drinking water applications for the control of bacteria and mineral content. Through our extensive research department and experienced team of dedicated engineers, our unique formula XZIOX®’s is one of the most powerful and versatile water treatment solutions. By providing the customer with unique bespoke equipment that focuses on targeting the clients needs and increase efficiency and productivity. Health and safety are paramount to any facility and therefore IWS consider all aspects of the application involving our in house H&S team. By treating the source of water, the systems are able to dose the XZIOX® in a precise amount without causing corrosion and damage to filters and pipework and save maintenance costs.  

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Benefits of XZIOX®'s water treatment:

Together we make a difference

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