At IWS, we believe access to clean drinking water is basic human right and we’re glad to have a hand in being able to provide that. Through our extensive research department and experienced team of dedicated engineers, our unique formula XZIOX®’s is fast becoming a credited and successful alternative to other chemicals, in producing good quality clean drinking water.

Water treatment


As experts within the water treatment industry, IWS have developed XZIOX®, a solution that is approved by the DWI for levels of human consumption. These solutions offer effective water treatment to ensure the highest quality clean water is distributed to local towns and households.


The prevalent occurrence of biofilm remains to be a major issue experienced by suppliers of drinking water. To resolve this, IWS have developed solutions to eliminate and prevent the reoccurrence of all biofilm as well as preventing corrosion to equipment, pipework and filters that often cause blockages. Problems surrounding iron, ammonia and manganese within drinking water supplies are unfortunately all too common. The team of water treatment experts at IWS understand the importance of tackling these issues with an effective product range that results in no by-products and a positive environmental impact.


​Experience the Ease & Performance Offered by XZIOX®:


Good quality clean water distributed to local towns and households

Eliminates and prevents reoccurrence of all biofilm

Non-corrosive to all equipment, pipe work and filters

Neutralises odour