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XZIOX® eliminates bacterial loading and TVC's within the produce washing process.

Safe for use on organic produce

No harmful by-products or residues

Prolongs product shelf-life

Eliminates biofilm

Treats cross contamination & recycled water

Influent and effluent water

Non-corrosive to all pipe work and filters

XZIOX® is used as a biocide for the reduction and eradication of bacteria on the surface of produce during the wash process. It will not leave any residue so unlike chlorine-based solutions, a final rinse is unnecessary.  XZIOX® has no taint or taste issues on produce.

Effective kill rate, XZIOX® and no corrosive to pipe work or surfaces.

Water Treatment

We have designed a bespoke system that is user-friendly whilst ensuring health & safety remains of upmost importance. Our systems can also be supplied with complete remote online monitoring constantly logging temperature, pH Levels, XZIOX® residual and system data to provide site with complete auditability and autonomy.

Fully Monitored Dosing Systems
XZIOX® leaves no residue so there is no need for applying a final rise.

It is safe and effective over traditional processes like chlorine, hydrogen peroxide or citric acid as it is not corrosive and approved for use within organic processes.

Applied through our advanced smart dosing systems, the solution can be monitored, controlled, and recorded for audit purposes through any smart device. As the water carries the XZIOX® solution around the wash system it is not allowing any biofilm to build up and therefore reducing the risk of bacterial spikes. This makes our disinfection systems a safe controlled solution delivering the exact amount of solution every second and keeping the levels constant throughout the process. XZIOX® will destroy the bacteria by penetrating the cell wall and destroying it from within therefore promoting extra days on shelf life.

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Benefits for food processing:

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