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Eliminates stubborn and historic bacteria like Pseudomonas, Listeria, Legionella, and all stages of biofilm. 

MI-PRO can be dosed through existing Dosatrons in livestock sector.
Ideal for quick flush of water systems

MI-PRO is a unique formula designed for the terminal disinfection of water lines at down times and turnarounds. Unlike other products MI-PRO is safe to leave in the pipe work for several days and weeks without causing damage to pipework and fittings.

MI-PRO coloured solution gives the operator a visual indication when pipes are fully flushed out. It is especially designed so it can be used with existing site dosing equipment for ease of use or and flushed into holding tanks.

About MI-PRO

Effective against Digital Dermatitis, Mastitis, Sores, E. coli, Staphylococcus & Coliforms

MI-PRO is an effective solution for dairy sector

Can be applied in foot bath or spray, MI-PRO is formaldehyde & acid free

No reduces time to disinfect drinking systems at turnaround

Safe to leave in pipe work for several days or weeks
Non-corrosive to equipment, can be left in the lines for long periods
Coloured solution to allow for easy detection of chemical residue
Does not stain equipment or surfaces
Environmentally friendly

MI-PRO is effective against all bacteria and biofilm

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