XZIOX® can be applied in various industrial sectors where water treatment is an issue such as Cooling Towers, desalination process in Reverse Osmosis technology and Rainwater Harvesting.


XZIOX® is a revolutionary, environmentally friendly and effective process of water treatment.

Water treatment
Precise dosing


With their combination of moisture, warmth, air and nutrients, cooling towers create an ideal environment for the growth of microorganisms.

Cooling towers are heat rejection devices used to transfer process waste heat to the atmosphere. The common applications include cooling the circulating water used in oil refineries, chemical plants, power plants and building cooling. However, environmental concerns also stem from within these applications due to the prevailing issue of Legionella. Legionella have been known for some time to live within amoebae in the natural environment. Legionella species are the causative agent of the human Legionnaires' disease and the lesser form, Pontiac fever. The problem with traditional solutions such as chlorine is that it can be sometimes said to give limited bacterial control; specifically, Legionella pneumophilia control. Other factors that also cause concern within the cooling tower sector is biofilm build up on the cooling tower pack.

IWS have introduced XZIOX® as an alternative solution to replace existing biocides. This also provides the benefit of reduced chemical usage and an equally environmentally friendly solution. This allows the operator to effectively control legionella and biofilm build up at a lower cost and a lower safety risk.



Rainwater harvesting is the accumulation and storage of rainwater for reuse on-site, rather than allowing it to run off. This can provide substantial savings on water bills, as well as making your site more sustainable.


We know how important water is for agriculture and want to work with farmers to help them make best use of the water they have. We believe that, although many farmers think carefully about using water more efficiently, there is still scope for further improvement.


In addition to using water more wisely, rainwater harvesting is a way of reducing your reliance on mains water, or on your borehole or spring. Making use of the rain that falls on your farm buildings can save you money. It can also mean potentially less storage for slurry, and reduce the likelihood of contaminated runoff from yards entering rivers and streams.



Priding ourselves on our water treatment solutions across various sectors, we have worked closely with our partners to develop solutions for seawater reverse osmosis.


Seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) has long been the preferred method of water purification technology within the Oil and Gas sector as a result of its low energy consumption. In SWRO, sea water or brackish water is forced through a semipermeable membrane. Salt and other contaminants are retained on the pressurised side of the membrane while pure water is allowed to pass through.


IWS' global network of water treatment experts has enabled us to develop effective partnerships with industry experts allowing for larger nominal capacities than competitors. Services can be offered with or without pre-treatment depending on your needs.