IWS have designed dosing systems to ensure exact dosing of chemical to ensure accuracy and high performance. Unlike other dosing systems, IWS systems can deliver precise dosing for low water flow facilities and high flow systems.


The DT systems are ideal for low flow of water for exact continues dosing and is simple and ease to use.


The ALS system is ideal for high flow use, this system can deliver accurate dosing against 80 meters cubed per hour. It is the preferred option for customers with high flow challenges.


The TA200 system can over exact dosing with the required kill rate on pathogens and Bacteria where the water flow is up to 200 meters cubed per hour.


The HE20 allows the systems to have complete monitoring with alarms and allows the user to login from any smart device. It’s perfect for auditability.

DT System
TA200 System
ALS System
HE20 System


The IWS system is designed and built by us to deliver precise chemical dosing so every millilitre of water receives the exact amount of XZIOX® required for your site. Unlike other products, we don’t believe in guess work so the delivery of XZIOX® is always accurate due to the IWS system.


​​As part of the installation and service, IWS conduct a site survey to enable us to ascertain which size system and pipe work is required, as well as the water source of the site. One of the key benefits of the IWS System is that it can be introduced to all water sources and systems.


The IWS System has been designed to ensure there is very little for the site to do. Once the system has been installed, all the site is required to do is refill the dosing tank.


There is no monitoring or measuring required as this is all done by our trained Engineers, throughout the year. This includes regular service checks on the system, pump calibrations, water samples and residual checks taken from the site, to ensure the system is performing at its optimum efficiency.

The IWS Dosing Systems doses XZIOX® via a pulsed water meter proportionate to the flow. We supply various sizes from 10 litres to 1,000 litres.  XZIOX® has a stable concentration of 3,500 ppm.


We offer kits in various sizes so that you never under use chemical. Our equipment exceeds regulatory standards of HACCP, HSWA and COSHH.


The IWS systems have been installed at over 200 sites, where it is successfully treating the water to eradicate and prevent bacteria and biofilm within the WATER SOURCE and pipework.


At IWS, we pride ourselves not just in our product, but also the service we provide as all systems require maintenance regardless of the type of equipment installed and maintenance requirements vary with each installation. We tailor this according to the system. IWS ensures the system can be maintained by developing a site specific plan.


The IWS service agreement free of charge for the first 12 months will include:

 a minimum of 4 visits per year

 maintenance of any original dosing system parts

 water sampling sent to UKAS accredited lab

 installation and calibration certificates