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Increase your productivity and performance by effective bacterial and virus control solutions.

About us

Leading the way in disinfection technology

With a dedicated management team offering decades of experience and knowledge in different industry sectors, we provide tailored solutions for each customer's requirement. Our solutions are designed not only to be effective and affordable, but by working in partnership with clients we are able to deliver an increase in efficiency and performance.

Our focus is our customers and their needs

"A clean, constant, and fresh supply of water is therefore essential to produce poultry. Clean water is involved in every aspect of poultry metabolism and plays an important role in reducing stress on the bird to allow it to grow to its optimum through regulating body temperature, digesting food and eliminating body wastes."


Our Advanced Solutions

A highly effective and stable biocide water treatment solution breaks down biofilm and eliminates bacteria, pathogens, fungi and algae.

A unique formula proven that eliminates bacteria and viruses by penetrating the cell wall. Ideal for fogging environments and surfaces. Approved for Avian Influenza.

Designed and formulated to assist spray programs with disease and fungus control for crop protection of crop leaving no residue and can be used in organic processes.

Formulated by customer demand. Designed for the terminal disinfection of water lines during down time. Can be used with existing equipment or hand dosed for flushing.

IWS Systems

DT/SDS Systems

Advanced and accurate dosing technology with minimum footprint.

ALS Systems

Intelligent XZIOX® dosing systems ideal for high water volumes and closed loop systems.

RS 20 Systems

Designed to make life easier giving you control and auditable data.

Together we make a difference

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